Dollar Shave Club 4 Blade Razor Refill Cartridges, 4 Count

Dollar Shave Club’s razors were made with your skin and hair in mind, and as part of our mission to help guys look, feel, and smell their best. The Dollar Shave Club 4 Blade Razor Blade Refill Cartridges 4ct are here to provide the all-terrain shave you’ve been searching for. Already have a Dollar Shave Club 4 Blade Razor handle? Perfect. Check out this pack of four refill cartridges to keep the great shaves rolling. Each of the four blades are precisely spaced, wide enough to allow thick and long hair to pass through with ease, as well as helping to prevent annoying pulling and tugging. This razor can tackle the wildest of hair forests whether they grow on the face, armpits or legs, making it the perfect razor for the all-terrain shaver no matter the body parts you’re shaving. Prickly faces and untamed armpits agree, this razor’s the real deal. So if you’ve got hair, the 4 Blade All-Terrain Razor’s got you. A razor this good deserves a stellar pre and post shave routine, so check out Member favorites Shave Cream and Post Shave Dew and step up your shaving kit. Whatever you choose, our mission is simple: to make top-shelf products that make your shaving routine as smooth as humanly possible.