Equator Coffee, French Roast Blend 10.5 Oz

Chocolate, smoky, rich. Our Philosophy: Every cup of coffee yearns to tell a story about its region, altitude, climate, soil, and production method. Equator's passion is bringing that story to life. When we source a new coffee, we roast and cup it over and over again, translating that coffee's story into a language of flavor that unfolds in each sip. Our mission is to highlight our farm partners and the exceptional coffee they produce. Our calling is to source the world's best quality coffee. Our craft is to coax out its potential. Our joy is to bring it to you. Chain of well-being. Partner with coffee farmers & producers. Source the highest quality beans. Work with sustainable-practice importers. Roast to optimal expression. Share our passion with our community. Produce a great cup of coffee. Protect the earth with sustainable practices. Roasting since 1995. Fair Trade certified. This coffee bag is made using 99% plant-based, renewable resources. Biotre 2.0. Certified B Corporation. bcorporation.net.