Pure Leaf 100% Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder Matcha Powder, 3.5 Oz, Value Size

Not all Matcha is created equally. At Pure Leaf, we use the finest Tencha green tea leaves from shade-grown Japanese tea plants specifically cultivated for strong aroma and great smooth creamy green tea taste. We are proud to share that all of our Matcha green tea powder is grown sustainably. We source our Matcha green tea powder exclusively from Rainforest Alliance certified tea gardens that adhere to strict standards of sustainability. Matcha is a special tea experience. Our Tea Masters have gone directly to the Master Matcha Craftsmen in Japan to find this traditionally produced green tea leaves. This specific Matcha has a strong, robust but smooth green tea matcha flavor and vibrant, emerald green color, making it versatile in its use. The stone milling of this Matcha is perfectly optimized; it is not too fine, so that the Matcha lingers on the palate, but also not too large so that lumps appear in your cup, creating a smooth creamy consistency. Pure Leaf Matcha is ideal for use in green tea matcha lattes, but it also serves as a great additive for green tea flavored smoothies, an afternoon tea, green tea cakes and other baking recipes, and other delicious matcha recipes. Replace your boring black tea with this delightful green tea matcha powder, in any form you like best! Pure Leaf knows that details matter when it comes to tea. From the purity of our single-origin, organic teas, to using whole leaves for complex flavor and aroma, to the craftsmanship infused into every blend, Pure Leaf’s attention to detail transforms simple ingredients and simple tea moments into something extraordinary.