Cappello's Spinach & Cheese Ravioli 9.9 Oz

Grain free. Legume free. We didn't have to split the atom to reinvent pasta - We had to split the almond. At Cappello's, we're here to set a new standard for your favorite foods with a little help from almonds. We harness the proteins, fiber and healthy fats in almond flour to create pasta unlike any other - a delicious, grain-free work of edible art. You could display it in a bowl on your coffee table, but we're guessing you'd rather eat it. The best pasta is frozen fresh, and for us that not only means convenience, but also locking in the amazing flavors of our meticulously sourced ingredients like savory cage-free eggs, fresh spinach and creamy ricotta cheese. Adding things like modified starches, wheat, corn, rice, legumes or soy would be like spray painting a moustache on the Mona Lisa. We could do it, but we'd definitely regret it. From simple ingredients comes delicious food we're proud to share with the world. It's our mission, our passion and our obsession. We're so excited to eat with you! You know, metaphorically. Keep the homemade flavors coming. Look for our almond flour pizza and cookie dough the next time you shop. Cage-free eggs are produced from hens that are non-caged and free to roam in open buildings. Recycle me!