Good Humor Frozen Dessert Giant Cone Cookies N Creme, 1ct

Good Humor Cookies N Creme Giant Cone is a twist on everyone's favorite cookie sandwich! Three textures in one tasty treat. A crispy chocolatey cone, luscious vanilla, and crumbled Cookies N Creme cookie pieces. These frozen dessert giant cone contains no artificial growth hormones. This delicious giant cone is sold individually for an easy frozen treat on the go. Good Humor ice cream, frozen dessert bars and single serves bring heartfelt joy to your neighborhood and remind you to savor simple moments of joy. Good Humor reminds you of the sound of ice cream truck bells growing louder as the truck rounds the corner— and with it the childlike anticipation, the giddy excitement, the simple joy of knowing what’s coming around the corner. It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 99; Good Humor frozen treats transport you for a few precious minutes to a brighter, sunnier place. Where all the serious stuff of life seems to, well, melt away. Good Humor is the taste of America, and our product philosophy celebrates the classic flavors and formats that our Americans have grown to love. Originally inspired by classics like Cookies and Cream ice cream, we used dessert inspiration to make some frozen versions of America’s favorites. Good Humor has fun with America’s favorite desserts, reimagining them into tasty frozen treats. Good Humor knows that ice cream is fun for families! At Good Humor, our products feature tastes and textures that appeal to everybody in the family. We want our products to appeal to all, and in doing so, help bring families together. The kids might love the classic stick bars, but Mom is looking for an indulgent cookie sandwich. From sticks to bars, we have something for everyone.