Klondike Frozen Dairy Dessert Sandwiches Mrs.Fields, 6 Fl Oz, 1 Count

An American favorite cookie and simple dessert. Klondike Mrs. Fields frozen dessert cookie sandwiches has light vanilla between two deliciously chewy chocolate chip cookies. It's every cookie and ice cream lover's dream come true! A hearty portion of velvety vanilla between two deliciously chewy chocolate chip cookies. It's two snacks in one! It’s best to bite into one of these while you’re alone, so you can bellow with happiness for a few moments and not have people think, “What’s wrong with Dave?” The Klondike Mrs. Fields frozen dairy dessert sandwich is also a great mid-day break from your co-workers and a delicious frozen treat to share with friends and family. Take the time to treat yourself. We know that life isn’t always as easy as it should be, so reward yourself for doing that thing you just did. Klondike supports you! Have the Klondike Mrs. Fields Cookie Sandwich as a snack. Have it as a treat or have it to relax. Just have it…and give your mouth some sweet satisfaction. Try Klondike’s other mouth-watering selections in 14 flavors, for unlimited deliciousness. Each and every product is perfectly crafted to bring you a delicious combination of classic flavors you love. Try them all today!