Nick's Campfire S'morgs Flavor Swedish Style Light Ice Cream 1 Pt

Swedish-style Light Ice Cream (contains 69% fewer calories and 65% less fat than regular s'mores ice cream (Nick's Campfire S'morgs Light Ice Cream contains 100 calories and 6 g total fat per serving compared to 327 calories & 17 g total fat per serving of regular s'more ice cream)). We all have those amazing memories of camping. You know, in the Farnebofjarden forest, hiding your food from the wild moose, filleting raw herring for dinner, and falling asleep under the Aurora Borealis. But in Sweden, one thing's a little different. We hold marshmallows over a fire, then smorgwich them between graham crackers and choklad. Ja, sa weird right? Just trust us. Try this creamy Swedish-style treat for yourself and maybe you'll come around! Sa creamy! Images are only suggestive of flavor. Does not contain whole graham crackers, marshmallows, or chocolate pieces.