Fantastik® Dissolve™ Concentrated Pods, Kitchen Cleaner, 2 Concentrated Dissolvable Refill Pods

The future of cleaning means using less plastic, and the future is already here with fantastik® Dissolve™ Concentrated Pod Kitchen Cleaner ! From the brand you love, this new and easy way to tackle tough grease and grime saves 94%* plastic with every reuse. fantastik® Dissolve™ Refill pack contains 2 Concentrated Refill Pods. Every refill helps reduce plastic waste by 94%*. Plus, it’s easy to use! Just drop a pod into the empty bottle, fill bottle up to the shoulder with warm water, twist on the sprayer, and shake until the pod dissolves. Discover the power of less, and choose dissolvable, not disposable. fantastik® Dissolve™ Concentrated Pod Kitchen Cleaner packs all the cleaning power you need to make one full 26 oz. bottle of fantastik® Kitchen Cleaner . It’s perfect for multiple hard, non-porous kitchen surfaces, sealed granite, sealed marble, stainless steel, glazed ceramic tile, chrome, sealed stone, vinyl, kitchen tile, laminate and porcelain. Refilling your fantastik® Dissolve™ Concentrated Pod Kitchen Cleaner is a small act that helps you reduce plastic waste. The future of cleaning is here! Little pod, big impact. Also available in these trusted brands: Scrubbing Bubbles® and Windex® *Refill vs. 32 fl oz fantastik® Sprayer Bottle