Ziploc® Brand, Food Storage Containers With Lids, Leftover Pack Variety, Smart Snap Technology, Small, Square, Deep Square, Mini Rectangle, Rectangle, 10 Ct

The Ziploc brand Leftover Pack offers you the perfect assortment of food storage containers for all your needs. Refresh your cabinet or give a loved one a perfect starter pack of our leakproof containers! These prep food containers can be used with common kitchen equipment, such as microwaves, dishwashers and freezers. Match the container size and shape to each specific need. Store soups, lunch dishes and fruit in larger ones, salads, sweets and snacks in smaller ones. With the Ziploc brand Leftover Pack, you're ready for anything! Leakproof, 100% confidence guaranteed*. Whether it’s a dish based on grandma's recipe or a quick snack for work ... prepare a delicious meal, pack it, take it with you, heat it in a microwave oven ... enjoy it. *Or your money back. Visit for more details