Ziploc® Big Bags, Jumbo, Secure Double Zipper, 3 Ct, Expandable Bottom, Heavy Duty Plastic, Built In Handles, Flexible Shape To Fit Where Storage Boxes Can't

Unloc your organizing skills with Ziploc® Big Bags. These large bags for storage are the solution you’ve been looking for to organize, protect and transport. Don’t compromise: Ziploc® Bags have all of the essential features you need to help declutter the garage, the basement or the closet. Ziploc® Big Bags have an expandable bottom to help ensure stability, which makes them easy to stand and fill. The secure Double Zipper Seal keeps things in and safe from the elements. The convenient built-in handles mean that they’re easy to grab and move. With a flexible shape, these big plastic bags fit into places where storage boxes can’t. And because they’re transparent, you can easily spot the items you’re looking for. Use our Ziploc® Big Bags and Unloc your storage potential. They’re perfect for putting away seasonal items such as jackets, holiday decorations, costumes, gift wrapping, camping and sporting equipment – or even beach and pool items. They’re a great way to reduce clutter and improve storage for closet organization. And thanks to the secure Double Zipper Seal, you get protection from moisture, dust and pests. They’re made of heavy-duty plastic that’s not formulated with BPA. Fill these reusable storage bags with linens, pillows, blankets and sleeping bags, or use them to organize school, office and craft supplies – or even books and photo albums. These Jumbo Ziploc® Big Bags measure 24” x 32-1/2” (60cm x 82cm) and come in a pack of three, so you can get your organizing done right away. Unloc the satisfaction of safe and easy storage with these plastic bags with handles. Ziploc® Big Bags are also available in Large and X-Large sizes.* Check out the entire range of Ziploc® Home Organization products. Create ideal storage solutions, and get it decluttered and organized the right away with Ziploc® Big Bags. * To avoid the danger of suffocation, keep bags away from babies and young children.