Franklin Disc Golf Set 1 Ea

Perfect for beach and backyard. 1 - 169g-170g driver - engineered for maximum distance. 1 170-172 g mid-range - engineered for maximum stability. 1 - 173-175g putter - engineered for maximum accuracy. Franklin Disc Golf Driver. Franklin Disc Golf Mid-range. Franklin Disc Golf Putter. Disc weights can have a variance of up to 2g. Disc golf court diagram: 1. Drive - play commences with a drive from the tee box, throwing the disc as far as possible towards the disc golf target. 2. Mid-range - a player's subsequent throw often uses a more accurate mid-range style which must be thrown from the landing spot of the drive. 3. Putt- when close enough to the target. Players will choose to use the more stable toss to complete the hole. Tee box. Driver (200 -300ft) (6-91.4m). Mid -range (100-200ft) (30.5m). Putter (1-100ft) (0-30.5m). Target.