Bear Naked Granola Cereal, Peanut Butter Crunch, 8 Oz

When the bears got their hands on their first jar of peanut butter, it was sticky, to say the least. But after months of cleaning peanut butter smudges, we knew the bears were up to something. And they've really outdone themselves this time. Includes 1, 8-ounce pouch of Bear Naked Peanut Butter Crunch soft-baked granola that's made with whole grains oats, creamy peanut butter, and sea salt. These pouches are perfect for stocking your pantry for an easy breakfast or vegetarian snacks. We're just going to come out with it. Bears make the decisions here. They pick out the ingredients, create new flavors, and taste-test every granola. Nothing goes out the door before it gets their stamp of approval. Now you may be thinking, why? Sure, we admit sometimes things can get a little awkward, like when the company picnic is BYOB (bring your own bees). The truth is, the bears keep us honest. Their instincts always point them to the highest quality foods found in the wild.