Wonderworks Cereal, Keto Friendly, Chocolate 10.2 Oz

Add the fun into keto meal prep with Chocolate Wonderworks Keto* Friendly Cereal. This crunchy, naturally flavored chocolate cereal is blasted with flavor, giving you the breakfast cereal experience you loved as a kid with the macros you're looking for today. Chocolate Wonderworks is a keto friendly, high protein cereal with 1g net carbs† per serving. Whether in a bowl with milk, in a keto recipe or thrown in a keto snack mix, Wonderworks can help you stay on track from morning to night with 1g net carbs†, 17g protein, 1g sugar and 6g total fat** per serving. Store this grab and go box in your cupboard so when you think keto, you have an easy breakfast or snack option at your fingertips. Wonderworks is part of General Mills Big G cereals that exist to spread goodness from tots to grown-ups. *Always consult your physician before starting an eating plan that involves the regular consumption of high fat foods ** Including 4g saturated fat †1g Net Carbs per serving = 14g Total Carbs -4g Fiber -5g Sugar Alcohol -4g Allulose