Wolf Brand Spicy Chili With Beans, Zesty Green Chilies & Tomatoes, 15 Oz.

For a family-pleasing chili that packs the heat, try WOLF BRAND Spicy Chili with Beans. The original, authentic Texas recipe dates back to 1895. This canned chili is made with zesty green chilies, ripe tomatoes and a unique blend of seasonings for hearty flavor with a kick of spice. Add this spicy chili to cheese dip, hot dogs, nachos, baked potatoes and more. Or serve alone for an easy weeknight meal. Made with no preservatives and all-natural* beef and pork, WOLF BRAND canned chili is an excellent source of iron per serving. Plus, it's easily heated on the stovetop or in the microwave. WOLF BRAND Spicy Chili With Beans is your go-to choice for a bolder, thicker, heartier chili. *Minimally processed with no artificial ingredients