Hersheys Kisses Chocolate, Deluxe, Hazelnut

Whole roasted hazelnut center enrobed in a smooth milk chocolate with delicate crisps. Say more with Kisses Deluxe Chocolates, a deliciously thoughtful give that's crafted with care and quality ingredients. A whole roasted hazelnut enveloped in layers of smooth, creamy chocolate and delicate crisps, it's twice the size of the Kisses chocolates you know and love. Now you can say more with Kisses Deluxe Chocolates. Partially produced with genetic engineering. For more about GMO ingredients visit SharingWhatsInside.com. Gluten free. Questions or comments? www.askhershey.com or 800-468-1714. Visit us at www.hersheykisses.com. Mfd. in Mexico.