Ricolino Panditas Classic Mix Mixed Fruit Gummy Candy

Grab a bag of Ricolino Panditas Little Panda Gummy Bears and experience the huge fruity artificially flavored packed into this delicious and ever-popular candy. Our panda-shaped strawberry, lime, pineapple and orange artificially flavored gummies deliver a sweet taste that tingles your senses with every bite. Crafted in the shape of little pandas, our gummy candy is a delight for your taste buds as well as your imagination. Each gummy panda is packed with enough flavor to match their unique styles. Before enjoying, create new adventures for your pandas and discover their fun and exciting personalities for yourself! And bursting with tasty goodness, you can instantly taste the delicious difference our candy provides. Grab a pouch or two and earn the appreciation of your friends forever after you share this fun-filled candy with them. Conveniently packaged for when you’re on the go, our gummy pandas are a delicious snack when you’re walking around town or making epic new memories on a new road trip. Or add a tasty and fruit-flavored bite to your next movie night! Ricolino’s candies are some of the most popular and mouthwatering flavors from Mexico. Explore our vast assortment of treats and discover new snacks that provide an unforgettable tasty experience for you and your taste buds. However you choose to indulge, make the moment sweeter when you treat yourself with Ricolino candy.