Vero Pintazul Strawberry & Raspberry Lollipop

Sweeten your life with a treat that delivers an irresistibly delicious taste of strawberry with a shockingly blue tongue! Only with Vero candy can you discover a treat that captures a taste of the Hispanic culture in every bite. Vero PintAzul Strawberry and Raspberry Lollipops are a sweet, artificially flavored strawberry and raspberry treat that are sure to delight anyone’s taste buds and you can happily stick out your blue tongue when you enjoy them. Easily become the hero of your group when you bring a bag of these crowd-favorite treats to your next get together and create tasty, new memories with family and friends. Perfect for giving your next fiesta a true Latin flair, use our candies to fill the piñata to the brim and get ready to add a bit of delicious heat to the party. Our suckers are great for sweetening up birthday celebrations, handing out for Halloween, placing a few in your Dia De Muertos altar, mixing in a gift bag as a party favor, using as a stocking stuffer, or enjoying as the perfect treat for movie night. Plus, you can stash a couple away in your pocket or purse for when you’re on the move. Individually wrapped and made at just the perfect size, you can add a sugary kick to your day whenever you wish—whether you’re at the office, headed to school, hanging out with friends, or just walking around town. Treat yourself to a Vero snack today—and turn any moment you wish into a fiesta!