Matilde Vicenzi Vicenzovo Italian Ladyfinger 400 G

No 1 Italian Ladyfinger. Premium Pastries. Baked in Italy Since 1905. Vicenzovo is the ideal choice for a simple and nourishing breakfast, together with a glass of milk and a slice of fruit. - Matilde Vicenzi. A Sweet Italian Tradition: In 1905, Matilde Vicenzi opened her first pastry shop on the outskirts of Verona, where she carefully made her biscuits and pastries with passion. The small artisan pastry shop grew over the years into a company. Today we sacredly preserve Matilde's recipe book, applying her creations as a current source of inspiration for our sweet foundation. Over the years, innovation and tradition have remained the fundamental ingredients of our success. And today, as in the past, the Pasticceria Matilde Vicenzi brand brings a woman's touch to the patisserie tradition and continues to be the symbol of Italian Fine Pastry all over the world. The picture of the product is only representative.