Hostess Chocolate Chip Muff'n Stix Single Serve, 3 Count, 3 Oz

HOSTESS Muff'n Stix are the perfect reimagined muffin for all muffin lovers. They make a satisfying go-to snack when you're craving a muffin on the go. Packed with chocolate chips made from real chocolate, you'll LIVE YOUR MOSTESS with every flavor-packed bite. It's a good thing there's three in each pack — they're so tasty, you'll want more than one. Muff'n Stix are made to fit perfectly in your hand. Throw a pouch in your bag or purse, and put those snack cravings to rest anywhere. If you’ve got kids, send them off to school with Muff'n Stix muffins in their lunchbox. You plus Muff'N Stix, now that's a pair we love to see!