Walk 'N Train!® Dog Head Halter, Black, Lrg (3)

Make walking your dog fun and enjoyable again for both of you with the Walk ‘n Train Head Halter. The unique design of this halter fits like a collar, but works like a no-pull head halter by guiding the head–and where the head goes, the body follows. When your dog pulls, she receives gentle pressure on her snout to correct the unwanted behavior and then receives an immediate reward as the collar releases its pressure once she stops pulling. The halter is made of quick-drying polyester webbing with a heavy-duty quick-release snap; the included safety loop attaches to her regular collar so you still maintain control if she slips out of the head halter. The nose band is padded for extra comfort and the side straps allow her to still pant and drink water while wearing the halter. Sizing: XSM - Collar: 10"-13" Snout: 4"-5" Papillion, Yorkshire Terrier SML - Collar: 13"-17" Snout: 4"-6" Miniature Schnauzer, Sheltie MED - Collar: 14"-19" Snout: 5"-7" Cocker Spaniel, Collie LRG - Collar: 15"-20" Snout: 7"-9" Boxer, Shepherd XLG - Collar: 17"-24" Snout: 9"-12" Great Dane, Rottweiler XXL - Collar: 22"-30" Snout: 12"-15" Bloodhound, St. Bernard